Campus Merchant Resources


Campus Merchant Resources

The Campus Credit Card Coordinator provides oversight in approving and coordinating with departments and organizations that wish to accept credit/debit cards as payment for their goods or services. The Campus Credit Card Coordinator is also tasked with ensuring compliance by campus merchants with all regulatory requirements, campus policies and related procedures.

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Cashnet eMarkets (eCommerce)

Cashnet replaces Campus Gateway SecurePay/CyberSource

  • Cashnet replaced Growl for Student Self-Service payments and billing presentment, and was deployed alongside Banner Student in October 2016.
  • Cashnet was also identified as the replacement for SecurePay/CyberSource as the campus gateway for web ecommerce merchants, targeted for conversion by 12/31/2017.
  • In addition, Cashnet also offers new options for campus web merchants that allow for rapid deployment and lower development costs.


Available Cashnet eMarket Options

Below is a brief comparison of the 2 configuration options to consider for Cashnet ecommerce deployments. Note that current SecurePay/CyberSource storefronts will be migrated to the "Checkout" eMarket.

Checkout eMarket

Storefront eMarket

Gives dept. complete control over the online store experience via a custom-built website

Complete store on a single site, hosted entirely on CASHNet’s servers

Primarily targeted for higher volume and/or third-party hosted solutions.

Primarily targeted for rapid deployment and lower-volume sites

Moderate-to-high technical skills required; likely to require IT involvement.

Low technical skills required, with most changes done in a web-based GUI interface

BAMS-issued Merchant ID with varying rates, typically less than 2.75%

BAMS-issued Merchant ID with varying rates, typically around 2.75%

Annual PCI DSS Validation Required

Annual PCI DSS Validation Required


Next Steps

Those interested in a Cashnet eMarket web storefront should review and complete the UCR New Merchant Application as well as the Current Merchant Prices and Rates .

Additional information can be found under Campus Merchant Resources.

PCI Policies

The follow represent the industry and campus policies governing merchant responsibilities for credit card acceptance.

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