Student Services

The function of the Student Business Services (SBS) and Cashiers Department is to assist students in understanding their student account, loans, and to receive payments. Specifically, SBS provides answers to billing questions, payment options, loan debt entrance & exit counseling, and direct deposit authorization for refunds (available on R'Web).

Billing Account

Access your Dynamic Bill to view your current account activity online. Go to Student Accounts tab and click the "Student Account Online" link in R'Web

The Dynamic Bill includes current account activity charges updated to your student account.  Your Historical Statement of Account is a snapshot of your Dynamic Bill from a specific point in time.  The historical statement charges includes all fees and applicable tuition, campus housing, other campus charges, credits for payments, waivers, and refunds or direct deposit transfers. Students receiving financial aid must be enrolled before financial aid funds can be electronically disbursed to offset charges on the statement. Payment for the amount due from the student plus any waiver or deferment must equal the amount due on the student account.

Late Fees

Balance due amounts not paid by payment deadlines may result in late fees:

Late Payment (Tuition/Fee) $100.00 Registrar Penalty for not paying tuition and fees by deadline. Additional penalties may apply. See for details.
SBS late fee $25.00 Student Business Services Late fee on unpaid non-tuition/housing charges. (i.e. Parking fees, ID Cards, Library charges etc.
Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) late fee $100/$12.50 Student Business Services DPP late fee assessed for late/missed 1st installment is $100 and thereafter $12.50 per month until paid in full.
Housing Charge late fee $30.00 Housing Penalty for not paying housing charges by the deadline will receive late fee as specified in the Housing Lease Agreement

Accepted Payment Types

We Offer Three Payment Options:

Western Union International Payment

Deferred Payment Plan


Refund Information

Refund Types

Refund From A Payment

Haven't Received Your Refund Check?/Stop Payment Request

What Is Direct Deposit?



Master Promissory Note/Entrance Counseling

Exit Counseling

Former Students

Heartland ECSI is the campus loan servicer for all institutional loans from the University of California, Riverside.  All loans such as a Perkins Federal Loan, institutional loans, and/or repayable scholarships.  Heartland ECSI does NOT service Federal Direct Loans. 


Heartland ECSI, requires student loan borrowers to register on their website and create a profile.  To register and access your account information, take advantage of expanded payment options, and to sign up for electronic statements, follow the instructions below:

Step 1:  You will go to
Step 2:  Click the red Register button and create a profile.
Step 3:  Connect your account using your Heartland Key visible on your billing statement.

Tips to managing repayment:

  • Keep a paper file just for your student loan materials AND keep a folder on your laptop just for your student loan information too. This provides easy reference for yourself.
  • If you have a Federal Direct Loan, it will be serviced elsewhere and can be viewed by logging in to If you have a private student loan from a third party, please go to their website to manage those loans.
  • Most loans have deferment or forbearance options. If you are having trouble making payments, it is better to reach out to your loan servicer than risk default.


Policies & Authorizations

Financial responsibility Agreement (FRA)

Release of Financial Information Authorization

Taxpayer Relief Acts/1098-T Information


Deferment of Fee Request