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Refund Information

Financial Aid Disbursements

All financial aid and graduate/postdoctoral fellowship disbursements (credit balance refunds) are posted on the Student Account Online link in the Student account tab in R'Web.

Refunds will begin to be disbursed on the first day of the quarter, as published in the Academic Calendar. You will be notified of any refund transactions via your UCR e-mail account.

Parent Plus Refunds

If the credit balance is the result of a Parent Loan Plus loan and parent checked the option on the loan application to receive the refund rather than the student . Then the refund check will be sent to the parent's valid address from the loan application.

Refund Types

Direct Deposit (DD)
  • Direct Deposit are processed nightlyy. It takes 2-3 business days to post to student’s bank account after the deposit has been processed.
  • Direct Deposit (eRefunds) account information must be updated in "Student Accounts" tab and click the "Student Account Online" link in R'Web .
Refund Checks
  • Students who choose not to sign up for direct deposit receive refunds by check sent through U.S. Mail to the current ‘local’ address listed on R'Web in the "Personal Information" tab.
  • Refunds checks are generated once a week to your Local Address.
  • If the refund check is not received within 10 business days from date listed on Statement of account in R'Web, please refer to the stop check request process.

Refund from a payment

Credit Card 
  • If you paid your account using a credit card, any refunds will be credited back to the same credit card used. The service fee will not be refunded for the portion overpaid.
ACH/echeck ,personal check , or money order
  • Check refunds takes about 14 days to process.

What is Direct Deposit?

It is the electronic deposit of funds directly into personal bank accounts, which will allow you to have access to your money faster and more conveniently. DIRECT DEPOSIT may be used for checking or savings accounts at any bank or credit union in the United States.

To Enroll in Direct Deposit , go to "Student Accounts" tab and click the "Student Account Online" link in R'Web.

Haven't received your refund check?

You may request that the refund check be stopped and a replacement check be issued once 10 business days have passed. The stop payment process may take up to 10 business days to complete.

To request a stop be placed on the refund check, you must email Student Business Services at with the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • SID#
  • Amount of Refund Check
  • Date of Refund Check
  • Subject line in email should be: Request SBS to place a stop payment on check
  • Include the following acknowledgement in your email: "I am requesting that a stop be placed on my refund check in order for a replacement check to be issued to me."

*NOTE:  In the event you receive your refund check after requesting a stop payment, DO NOT cash the check. Call Student Business Services at 951-827-3204.

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