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Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) is designed to give students an opportunity to pay fees and tuition over an extended period of time and is only available for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. There is no interest charged because DPP is not a loan.

Students who are in good financial and academic standing may apply for this assistance. Students may elect to use DPP whether or not they qualify for financial aid. Students who owe the University money or have a history of payment difficulty may be denied DPP.

DPP allows all fees and tuition, to the extent not covered by grants, scholarships, waivers or loans to be paid in three installments each quarter.

Nonrefundable Application Fee

A application fee of $25.00 per quarter for the three-month plan is charged to offset the administrative costs of the plan. If you apply on or before the payment deadline, you will be charged $25.00 with submission of application. After the payment deadline,  applications will be accepted through the 1st day of instruction and you will be charged $125.00 with submission of application.

This application fee is nonrefundable, even if students are denied the plan, later withdraw from the plan or do not attend UCR.

TO ENROLL IN THE DEFERRED PAYMENT PLAN, go to "Student Accounts tab" and click the "Student Account Online" link in R'Web.

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