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Preloan / Entrance Counseling

Preloan/Entrance Counseling is a requirement for all first time student loan/scholarship borrowers at UCR. To determine if you need to complete preloan/entrance counseling, please aswer the following questions:

1.   Freshmen Students: Are you borrowing a student loan at UCR?

2.   Continuing Students: Is this the first time you are receiving a specific type of loan (e.g., Direct Stafford, Perkins,       or University loan) at UCR?

3.   Transfer Students: Did you receive loans at other institutions, but is this the first time you are borrowing at UCR?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you MUST complete preloan/entrance counseling before your loan funds will be disbursed.

Please note: Perkins Loan borrowers MUST complete preloan/entrance counseling each year.

To complete your preloan/entrance counseling requirement, please click on the loan/scholarship(s) you are taking out and you will be directed to the appropriate site to complete your requirement.

To sign the promissory note for your institutional loan/scholarship, please visit the E-Sign Web Site for Institutional Loans.

Please note: It may take a minimum of 72 hours for your account to be updated once you have completed your preloan/entrance counseling requirement and signed your promissory note.

If you have questions regarding completion of your preloan/entrance counseling or promissory note requirement, please contact us at the address below:

Student Business Services
Student Services Bldg, HOSS
(Highlander One Stop Shop)
Phone: 951-827-3200

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